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The Business Plan

To say the very least, attempting to come up with a business plan, create a product, market it and sell it is difficult. Without any knowledge of business, it could be deemed almost impossible.

I researched different industries in order to uncover potential gaps in the market to exploit (that would be within my capabilities). I wanted to create a business that I would be passionate about, could solve a problem and could help other people. One problem that stood out to me personally was that I realised that a lot of people, including myself, had sensitive skin and found it hard to get good quality, affordable skincare products for their skin types. This is when I came up with the idea: All natural, handmade beauty products which contain no harsh chemicals or preservatives. The range would include a variety of products including moisturisers, hand creams and lip balms (all fragranced with essential oils). As the cosmetic industry is enormous and still growing, I believed there was a niche in this market for a product like mine as many people are becoming more aware of the benefits of using natural products. 

I wanted consumers to become more aware of the toxic chemicals used frequently within beauty products and the harmful effects they have on health. For example, a recent study showed that the average woman applies over 515 synthetic chemicals to her body every day. I wanted my company to allow for individuals with sensitive skin not to feel excluded and have a lacking variety in relation to choosing products for everyday use. 

With help from family, friends and health professionals, we trialled and tested a variety of recipes for the products. This involved late nights, long hours, disagreements and stress, until I was completely happy with the combination that was achieved. This was all the while packaging,  branding, labelling and marketing had to be completed. 

A few weeks later, I booked a stall at a local event to promote my brand and sell my new products. 
I sold out within a few hours.

Essential Me products stand
First day of trading

Two years of trading

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