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From The classroom to Dragons Den

When we are children, we always get asked the same question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” No matter the response that is given, whether it be an astronaut or a professional skydiver, we are always made to believe that we can achieve it. As we get older, we are soon taught of this notion of the “real” world and are convinced to lower our expectations.

I realised my dream when I was just 14 years old. I decided I wanted to start my own business. I had no experience, no knowledge in business, no resources- all I had was a belief that, somehow, I would do it and I would be successful. I was still in the mind space where anything was possible. When I told others of my ambitions, they would act supportive, but in reality I may as well have been a four-year-old telling them I was going to work for NASA. 

As a full time student I didn’t know how I was going to succeed in school all while launching a business. I had never even attended a business class in my life, nor had I ever had an actual job before. Eight years later I still do not know how I convinced myself my dream would become a reality, but I’m glad 14-year-old me believed in herself. 

Surely enough, I found myself faced with an opportunity. A group of ten students in my school, including me, were approached to enter a local student enterprise competition where you had to create a business, market and sell your product.  We were given a brief outline of what starting a business entailed, but we had to do everything else ourselves. 

All that we were given was 50 euros each.50 euros to create an entire business from scratch.

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