Essential Me

our story

Emer Lennon, Founder- 

 “I created Essential Me in 2013 when I was 15 years of age. I have always suffered from having sensitive skin and found it hard to get good quality, affordable products for my skin type. I felt as though I couldn’t enjoy the same experiences regarding skin products as my peers, as what was suitable for my skin was often overpriced and quite bland. I felt the need to solve this problem, so that other people did not have to feel confined to what they can buy regarding skincare. This is when I came up with idea- all natural, handmade skincare products that contain no harsh chemicals or preservatives. After researching ingredients, recipes and through help from professionals in the field, I found a way that I could produce these products so that I did not need to put such a high price tag on them. This resulted in my company being one of the most affordable natural skin care companies in Ireland. I also felt this still wasn’t enough to solve the problem. Most people with sensitive skin cannot put fragrances on their skin, therefore, I researched essential oils and found that not only were they suitable for sensitive skin, they had many added benefits also.

If I were to describe Essential Me in three words it would be: Natural, Affordable and Reliable. Essential Me is a skin care brand that cares about it’s customers. We listen to our customers and take inspiration from them. All of the products are handmade in small batches, which means we can ensure high quality for every product. All of the ingredients, packaging and labelling are sourced in Ireland and all manufacturing takes place on the North-West coast in Sligo. The brand is encouraging people to shop local and by doing so, they are not only supporting us, but supporting others within the Irish economy also.”

Although Essential Me’s target market is those with sensitive skin/who want to avoid chemicals and preservatives, we welcome everyone to try our products. We have a passion for educating others on the benefits of using natural products.

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