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What are Essential oils and why are they good for you?


Essential Oils are compounds that are extracted directly from plants and capture the plants scent and flavor. These oils are often used in aromatherapy, which is said to restore balance in the body. It is a form of natural healing that is over 8,000 years old. Today it represents one of the fastest growing complementary therapies. This is said to have a profound effect on general well-being, as it is aimed to treat the person by taking into account not only their physical state but also their emotions. Without getting to technical (or holistic), the essential oils used in these practices have been found to have antiviral and antioxidant properties. Benefits can be obtained through inhalation, as they can stimulate parts of your brain that plays a role in emotions and behaviors. Other benefits can be obtained through applying to the skin through a carrier oil, such as Rosehip or Jojoba Oil- essential oils are extremely concentrated and should never be applied directly to the skin.

We use essential oils in all of our products due to their added benefits and to also add a natural fragrance to the products. We use only high quality, pure and organic essential oils at the correct concentration level in all products. We are able to ensure this as all of the products are made in small batches. Some health benefits to essential oils can include reduced stress, improved relaxation and sleep, reduced inflammation and headache/migraine relief.

What Are the Uses For Essential Oils?

Below are listed some of the essential oils and uses/effects they have in order to decide what is best your specific needs. Attached are links to products you can find these oils in also.

Black Pepper– stimulates circulation and muscle aches and pains. Used in our Muscle Ache blend.

Chamomile– can be found to treat eczema, promote sleep and reduces stress. Chamomile is one of the main ingredients in our Sleep Range.

Eucalyptus– relieves the airways during a cold or flu. Present in our Flu Relief blend.

Frankincense– Soothes and reduces inflammation. Also contains anti-ageing properties. It is the main essential oil in our Face Serum.

Geranium– Soothes and tightens the skin, promotes relaxation. In our most popular product, the Lavender and Geranium hand cream.

Jasmine– Acts as a moisturizer and helps to treat dry skin, without clogging the pores. Due to its antioxidants, it can help protect the skin from environmental stressors. In turn, this can give a youthful appearance to the skin. Shop our Face Serum.

Lavender– Soothes dry skin and eczema by balancing the skin’s moisture barrier. The oil’s anti-inflammatory properties are renowned for managing stress and increasing relaxation. See Lavender Shower Gel.

Orange– Acts as a mood booster to uplift the senses. You can buy Pure Sweet Orange by itself or try our Uplifting roller oil.

Peppermint– Naturally cleanses the skin and has antibacterial properties. The cooling effect soothes irritation and inflammation. Perfect to use on your feet with our peppermint Foot Lotion.

Rose– Hydrates the skin, reduces signs of ageing and decreases the effects of redness. Our Rose Face Cream is perfect to gain full effect of all it’s properties.

Tea Tree– Treats acne due to it’s antimicrobial properties. It also thought to reduce redness and scars from acne. Pure Tea Tree Essential Oil.

We also provide a large range of our own pure essential oils, click here to shop the range. We also provide a range of blended pure essential oils that can be used in burners or in carrier oils for baths. These include relaxing, uplifting, muscle ache and romantic- shop here.

It is always recommended to patch test any products with essential oils in case of the chance of allergy. Never apply directly to the skin (only in a carrier oil or in one of our premixed oils/products).


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